● IntroductiontoAgile Methodology Agile Manifesto
● Overview Of Different Agile methods
● WhentoUseTraditional Methods
● Scrum Process
● ScrumRoles
● ScrumTeam
● Time-BoxConcept
o Event1:The Sprint
o Event2: Sprint Planning
o Event3: Daily Scrum
o Event4: Sprint Review
o Event5: Sprint Retrospective
● ProductBacklog Grooming
● ScrumArtifacts
o Artifact1: Product Backlog
o Artifact2: Sprint Backlog
o Artifact 3: Increment
o Artifact4: Definition of “Done”
o Artifact5: Monitoring Progress toward a Goal
o Artifact6: Monitoring Sprint Progress
● AgileTracking,ScrumMeetingandDailyStand-ups
o ProductBacklog Grooming

● Introduction about Jira tool
o What is an Issue?
o What is a Project?
o What is aWorkflow
● Exploring the JIRA workspace
● Managing your user profile
● Navigating JIRA
● Creating an Issue
● Viewing Issues
● Editing Issues
● Transitions and Screens
● The Workflow Viewer
● Collaboration
● Search
● Detail View
● Configuring Filters
● Email Filter Results
● Standard & Custom Reports

● What is DatabaseApplication?
● Overview about database structure
● Introduction about different database types
● Understanding Data storage
● Backend & frontendTesting
● General Database Basics
● Essential Elements needed for database testing
● writing test plan for database testing
● OrganizingDBTestingapproach
● writing test cases for database testing

● WhyshouldTestprofessionalsknowStructuredQueryLanguage?
● WritingthestatementinSQLPlus
● Overview Of DML, DDL,TCL,DCL
● DML: Insert , update , Delete , merge
● DDL: Create,Drop,Alter,Rename, Modify, Truncate
● TCL: Commit, Rollback, SavePoint

● Single Row Function / Multiple Row Function
● String Function,Number Function, Date and Time Function,General Function

● Introduction To Java Programming Language,
● Uses Of Java language, Java Syntax Rules & Coding Standards,
● JavaEnvironmentSetup, Write Execute first Java Program,
● And Write Java Programs using Eclipse IDE

● Overview of Java Programming, Java Modifiers, DataTypes
● Variables, Operators, FlowControl, Arrays, StringHandling
● FileHandling, Exception Handling, and Methods.
● Java OOPS: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.

● JavaProgrammingStructure,WritingComments,
● Declaring Methods, Declaring Variables, Declaring Constants, Print Statements, usage of
● Writing Conditional Statements,Writing Loop Statements and Calling methods

● Java Conditional and Loop Statements, Types of Conditional statements in Java,
● If Statement and switch statements in Java with examples.
● Java Loop structures, for loop, while loop, do while loop and enhanced for loop with examples.

● Strings and Arrays in Java, String handling in Java,
● Creating Strings, String Concatenation, and String Comparison.
● Array declaration, types of Arrays, print Array, copy Array
● Array Methods and Advantages & Disadvantages ofArrays

● Input And Output operations and File handling in Java,
● Explain Reading different types of input and displaying output on the console

● Introduction Of Collections
● Types Of Collections
● Generic-List,Dictionary,StackandQueue
● Non Generic-Array List, Hash Table,Stack and Queue NUM

● What is Automation Testing
● Use Of Automation Testing
● Tools for Automation Testing
● Why Automation is important for your career?
● What Is Selenium?
● Advantage Of Selenium.
● History Of Selenium.
● Component Of Selenium.
● Architecture Of Remote Control.
● Architecture of GRID.
● Differences between API Vs GUI

● Selenium IDE Introduction
● Record And Playback with Firefox and Chrome
● Debugging In Selenium IDE Script
● Introduction to Katalon Studio
● Record and Playback through Katalon Studio

● Download and install java
● Download and start Eclipse
● Download and configure Web Driver java client
● Setup a project
● Create Packages
● Create First Java test case
● Import Web Driver Source file

● Web Driver Interface
● Web Element Interface
● Launching Firefox browser

● How To Open a URL
● Verify Page title
● Strategy To get the Page Source
● Differencebetween Close & Quit
● Ways to Navigate Back Forward
● How To Refresh Page
● Another Way of Navigating to specific Page

● What Are locators.
● HTML language tags and attributes.
● ID, Name, Xpath, CSS etc.
● Difference between Absolute & Complete Xpath.
● Finding Your first element.

● Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
● Element locator tool for Firefox Locator
● Firebug & Fire Path Add-Ons in Mozilla
● Various HTML locator strategies
● XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
● Selection Of Effective Xpath
● Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page

● Identify Table rows and columns
● Extracting Values from a cell
● DynamicallyIdentifyTablesData
● Selectclass in Selenium
● DropDown Handle.
● Select Multiple values from the list
● Select Or Deselect operations by Index,Value & VisibleText

● Implicit And Explicit waits
● How to use Expected Conditions with Waits
● Page Load Timeout Set Script Timeout property
● Simple Use of Thread Sleep
● Concept of Fluent Wait in Selenium
● Web Driver Wait and its uses
● Different Wait Until Conditions
● Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert
● Concept Of Set Interface in Java
● Difference between Window Handle Or Handles
● Switching & ClosingWindows,Tabs Pop ups
● Concept Of window ID
● Extracting Window IDs with Selenium Object reference
● JavaScript Executor Interface
● Captured Screenshot
● Cookies Handles

● What is Action Class & What can we do withAction Class
● Mouse Hover & Mouse Movement with Action
● Finding Coordinates of aWeb Object
● Drag And DropAction

● WhatisTestNG
● BenefitsandFeaturesofTestNG
● How to download TestNG
● Annotations in TestNG
● How to run Test Suite inTestNG
● Groups in TestNG
● Depend on TestNG
● Test Case sequencing in TestNG
● TestNG Asserts
● TestNG Parameters
● Multi Browser testing in TestNG
● Parallel testing in TestNG
● Extent Report API

● Introduction Cucumber
● Using Cucumber
● Gherkins Language
● Creation of feature files and Step Definition
● Introduction TDD and BDD
● Version Control (GitHub Introduction)

● Log4j Introduction
● Download Log4J
● Add Log4j Jar
● Test Case with Log4j
● Log4j Log Manager
● Log4j Appenders
● Log4j Loggers

● Database connection
● Database Testing in Selenium using My Sql Server

● What is Automation Framework
● Features of Automation Framework
● Benefits of usingAutomation Framework
● Different types of Automation Framework
● What is Data Driven Framework
● What is Modular Driven Framework
● What is Keyword Driven Framework
● Apache POI API
● POI Setup and Configuration
● Read and Write Excel file with Apache POI
● POM (Page Object Model)
● Page Factory

● Maven Introduction
● Install Maven in Eclipse IDE
● Install Maven on Windows
● Instal lMaven on Mac
● How to Create a New Maven Project
● How to Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse
● Configuration of POM & set multiple builds

● Installation configuration of complete Jenkins setup.
● Scheduling of Maven build & set multiple builds in Jenkins.
● Overview Of integration between Jenkins & GitHub.
● Overview of integration between Jenkins AWS.
● Selenium Integration with Jenkins.

● Introduction To GitHub and Selenium integration.
● Installation Of git binaries
● Github Setup in eclipse IDE
● Building Repository on git
● Test prepare in selenium using Github

• Client-Server Architecture
• Presentation, Business and Database layers
• What is an API?
• What is API Testing?
• Difference between API testing and Unit testing
• Web services->an introduction
• HTTP Structure
• xml and JSON->an overview
• URI and URL
• Tools for API Testing
• Approach of API Testing
• Challenges of API Testing
• What to test for in API testing
• HTTP methods
• Status codes
• Example APIs

• Introduction to POSTMAN tool and installation.
• Creating requests in Postman.
• Creating collections in Postman.
• Understanding variables and environments in Postman.
• Authorization in POSTMAN
• Assertions/Test scripts in POSTMAN.
• Command line integration with Newman

• POST, PUT and PATCH Request using Rest Assured
• Authentication and Authorization in REST Web Services
• Sample automation framework design using REST ASSURED

• What is REST?
• Rest Architectural Elements

• Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured
• REST API Test using Rest Assured
• Validate Response Status using Rest Assured
• Validate Response Header using Rest Assured
• Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured

• Introduction to SOAP WEB SERVICES
• SOAP UI /READY API BASICS and installation.
• Create a Project, Test Suite, Test Case
• Assertions

● Analyzing Manual Test Script
● Automation Test Script Development Strategy
● Development Test Script according to manual script

● Testing an e-commerce Website
● Testing Social Media Website
● Testing of Banking Website
● Testing of Travel Website
● Testing of Educational Website

    Our Student Placed In These Companies

    Key Highlights

    40 Hrs Instructor Led Training

    40 Hrs Instructor Led Training

    22 Hrs Self-paced Videos

    22 Hrs Self-paced Videos

    56 Hrs Project & Exercises

    56 Hrs Project & Exercises



    Job Assistance

    Job Assistance

    Flexible Schedule

    Flexible Schedule

    Future Upgrade

    Future Upgrade

    Mentor Support

    Mentor Support


    Unlocking Your Full Automation Potential: Why AppWars Technologies for Selenium Testing Training in Noida?

    One must always be ahead to remain relevant in this fast-evolving technological world. AppWars Technologies in Noida is an opportunity that opens up wide for you if you are into software testing, especially Selenium Testing. The increasing need for robust, efficient, and automated testing solutions makes it necessary to own the skills of Selenium. We are not content with mere training at AppWars Technologies. If you are looking for a Selenium Testing Training Institute in Noida, we are the best option, as our commitment lies in Quality, Expertise, and a Learner’s Approach. Come with us on our 

    a journey that will hone your skills, increase practical knowledge, and offer career opportunities surpassing expectations.

    Expertise in Selenium Testing

    As far as Selenium Testing Training in Noida is concerned, AppWars Technology shines like a bright star. We have a pool of experienced, skilled professionals specializing in selenium automation testing. The trainers in our company understand how Selenium works and can lead you into the complex world of its functions, giving you an upper hand as professionals in this field.


     Customized Learning Pathways

     We at AppWars Technologies acknowledge that unique characteristics define learners, including varying personal goals and abilities. This is why we have special training courses for each customer. If you are a beginner or professional, you will find here courses for both to begin and develop in the right direction. We offer you a variety of programs through which you may create your learning journey as the market demands or your career aspirations dictate.


     Infrastructure of the Future

    First, the learning atmosphere is a significant aspect in determining educational quality. We have a modern training center at our Noida facility that has fully equipped classrooms, computers, a lab, and high speed internet. Such an environment is necessary for effective learning. Through this, you will be equipped with top-notch equipment and technology to enhance Selenium testing ability.


     Hands-On Practical Experience

     It is not just learning theory when it comes down to learning Selenium as a practical application. Hands-on learning is central to everything at AppWars Technologies. Training with us will take you through scenarios of the real world so that you can implement the knowledge acquired in solving problems when they arise. This will give you the much-needed edge over other candidates searching for a job.


     Industry-Relevant Curriculum

     Their selenium testing courses are built according to the current trends in technology and are based on modern best practices. Therefore, our material is always updated to prepare you for the future better. If you receive training on cutting-edge technologies and processes, you will be an extremely sought-after commodity in the job marketplace or by potential customers.


     Ongoing Support and Guidance

     The training sessions are not all we have in our commitment to your success. We help our students continuously by AppWars Technologies. Our devoted professionals are at your service whenever you need them for inquiries, guidance, and support. The Journey of Selenium test with us.


     Real-World Project Exposure

     You have actually to do Selenium testing well to learn it. Students at AppWars Technologies also get chances to work on live projects. By bringing exposure, it’ll be easier for you to use your expertise and build your portfolio, showcasing capabilities to probable employers.


    Job Assistance and Placement Services

    We understand that the remaining aim of training is to steady a fulfilling activity or enhance your career. AppWars Technologies gives complete task assistance and location offerings. We have a community of industry connections and work tirelessly to help our graduates discover the right task possibilities. Our placement group gives interview guidance, resume construction, and process search guidance.



    Flexible Learning Options

    We understand that you may produce other commitments, including paintings or your own family. To accommodate your busy agenda, we provide flexible mastering alternatives. You can select from weekday or weekend batches, and we even provide online training so you can examine from the consolation of your home. No, count your schedule; we have a solution for you.


    Competitive Pricing

    Quality training doesn’t have to come with an exorbitant fee tag. AppWars Technologies offers competitive pricing for our Selenium Testing Training in Noida applications. We consider imparting top-notch training at a price that may be manageable for your price range. We aim to make superb training accessible to all aspiring Selenium testers.


    If you’re searching for a Selenium Testing Training Institute in Noida that offers understanding, customization, practical experience, and a robust aid gadget, AppWars Technologies is the ideal choice. Our commitment to your achievement goes past training; it extends to your career development. Join us and release your full automation potential inside Selenium testing. Your adventure to a rewarding career starts here. visit us to ow more about us and courses.

    Time to Join Online Selenium Testing

    Now, you can easily join Java online training in Noida and it helps you to learn how the technology works. We would help you to know all the aspects of java and thus you can now gain confidence knowing that you can implement the technology in the right way. We are the top institute in Noida offering Java training and our experts know how to inspire the participants and they can thus achieve success.

    You can thus write the codes efficiently and it helps you to comprehend the true importance of the advanced technology. We are here to give ultimate support and we show you how to use Java to develop web and mobile applications. Simply, join our online Java training and you can start working as an expert Java developer. We thus make it easy for you to use Java in various platforms.


    Experienced Mentors

    Experienced Mentors

    APPWARS Technologies Pvt Ltd has highly-skilled & experienced mentors from Industry, proficient in their particular technologies.



    Stay sharp & focused with unlimited access to Coding Problems & Assignments during your training.



    Appwars Technologies Pvt Ltd is an MSME, Govt of India approved Company, and registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

    Live Interactive Session

    Live Interactive Session

    Get Live sessions from the comfort of your place with well-maintained quality & pace to make you understand better.

    Live Project

    Live Project

    Experience working on Real-time Projects to have in-depth, practical knowledge of your technology.

    100% Placement assistance

    100% Placement assistance

    With more than 1000+ Placement Partners. Get endless opportunities to get placed in these Small & Medium Companies

    Top Reasons To Choose APPWARS Technologies

    • Selenium Testing Training in Noida is conception as per the IT management standards.
    • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES offers the best Selenium Testing and devoted employment service in Noida with proper planned training courses.
    • Regular and weekend classes and assignments after each class are provided for Selenium Testing in Noida.
    • Advanced lab designed with latest equipment.
    • Provide lab facilities to 24*7 and students are allowed to access the lab anytime.
    • One the best certified expert trainers or professionals having many years of real industry experience.
    • Mentors of Selenium Testing in Noida helps in each type of project preparation, interview preparation and job placement support.
    • Giving personality development sessions including English spoken, mock interview, group discussion and presentation skills free of costs.
    • Providing free study materials, PDFs, video training, lab guides, exam preparation, sample paper and interview preparation.
    • Provide retake classes without any charges as often as you choose.
    • Helps the student to learn complex technical concepts.




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    APPWARS Technologies Duration for Selenium Testing Training

    • Regular Classes: 5 Days a week (Morning, afternoon and Evening)
    • Weekend Classes: (Saturday and Sunday)
    • Fast Track Classes also Available
    • One to One Classes also Available
    • Corporate Training also Available
    • Live Online Classes also Available

    Join the community of learners, creators, professionals, educators, and world-changers.

    Learn, certify,
    make an impact.

    Expand your career opportunities with the Python Institute’s training and certification programs. Program your future.

    Who can apply for the course?

    BE / BTech / MCA passed aspirants to make their careers as Web Developers / Data Scientists

    IT-Professionals who want to get a career as a Programming Expert

    Professionals from non-IT bkg, and want to establish in IT

    Candidates who would like to restart their career after a gap

    Web Designers for the next level of their career.


    Our Placement Process

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    Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

    Placements Training


    Interview Q & A

    Resume Preparation in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

    Resume Preparation

    Resume Preparation in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

    Aptitude Test

    Mock Interviews in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

    Mock Interviews

    Scheduling Interviews in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

    Scheduling Interviews


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