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Enrol yourself in a Diploma in Data Science and AI to open up great career openings.

Do you need to be admitted to the Diploma in Data Science and AI? Yes. We at Appwars Technologies Pvt Ltd are one of the renowned online institutes in Noida. A special educational diploma in Data Science and AI focuses on educating students. It helps them to get entry into the programme and get skills expected in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. The advanced programme covers topics related to data analysis, field learning, programming, statistical modelling, and AI algorithms. The professionals have years of experience in data science and AI.

Our diploma programmes make it easy to find better jobs. So, it’s time to enrol with us for the most challenging skill in the world: to become an artificial intelligence. It is quick to learn the details about our course, and we are always here to help you. It’s time to join Appwars Technologies and open the gates to exploring new technology.

Get a deep understanding of artificial intelligence.

Appwars Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strongly recommends choosing the Data Science certification course in Noida and gaining all the necessary skills in no time. The focus of data science training in Noida is to make you capable enough to use different aspects of computer science, data analytics, data visualisations, statistics, R, and Python programming in data science. It helps the students convert voluminous data into meaningful content.

At the advanced level, we let you get a deep idea of machine learning, AI, big data, Hadoop, deep learning, Tableau, etc. Being the best data science training institute in Noida, we put in the utmost effort to make you a recognised data expert and claim huge salary lumps while joining the top industries.

Course Overview

  • Understanding the Role of data scientists and AI Professionals
  • Handling the data ethically and professionally
  • Introduction to programming languages used in data science and AI, such as Python or R
  • Working with libraries and packages for data manipulation and analysis
  • Probability and statistics concepts relevant to data analysis
  • Linear algebra for machine learning
  • Hypothesis testing and statistical inference
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing techniques
  • Exploratory data analysis and visualisation using tools like Matplotlib, GGplot, or Tableau
  • Feature engineering and dimensionality reduction
  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Their Components
  • Deep learning architectures Training and fine-tuning neural networks using frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Basics of text processing and analysis
  • Sentiment analysis, text classification, and information extraction
  • Language models and sequence-to-sequence models
  • Handling large datasets and distributed computing
  • Introduction to big data frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark)
  • Cloud platforms for data storage, processing, and deployment 
  • Real-world applications of data science and AI in various industries
  • Case studies and practical projects applying data science and AI techniques
  • Deploying AI models in production and monitoring their performance
  • A customised project lets the students use their knowledge of a real-world problem or dataset.
  • Project planning, data collection and preprocessing, model development, and evaluation



MAchine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science


Deep Learning

Get ready for the best industry opportunities.

As the best data science training institute in Noida, Appwars Technologies Pvt. Ltd. gets the students ready to work with different industries. Our team of professionals makes you qualified for different industry domains as well. We make sure you feel more confident and can break interviews on the first attempt, mainly.

We give 100% placement assistance after finishing the diploma, a guide for making a resume, and key steps to prepare for an interview that comprises a set of interview questions and answers based on data science as well.

Why is a diploma in data science and AI in high demand?

  • The top IT industry has a higher level of salary.
  • More than 2,000 jobs are predicted for the next year.
  • The data science industry is expected to touch a great market by 2025.
  • Thousands of students have previously taken the Data Science certification course and been positioned with top MNCs.
  • Almost every IT industry is searching for skilled data science experts.


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Experienced Mentors

Experienced Mentors

APPWARS Technologies Pvt Ltd has highly-skilled & experienced mentors from Industry, proficient in their particular technologies.



Stay sharp & focused with unlimited access to Coding Problems & Assignments during your training.



Appwars Technologies Pvt Ltd is an MSME, Govt of India approved Company, and registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Live Interactive Session

Live Interactive Session

Get Live sessions from the comfort of your place with well-maintained quality & pace to make you understand better.

Live Project

Live Project

Experience working on Real-time Projects to have in-depth, practical knowledge of your technology.

100% Placement assistance

100% Placement assistance

With more than 1000+ Placement Partners. Get endless opportunities to get placed in these Small & Medium Companies

Instructor - Led Training

Multiple assignment and projects

100% Placement Support

Career Guidance

Top Reasons To Choose APPWARS Technologies

  • Diploma in Data Science and AI is conception as per the IT management standards.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES offers the best Diploma in Data Science and AI and devoted employment service in Noida with proper planned training courses.
  • Regular and weekend classes and assignments after each class are provided for Diploma in Data Science and AI
  • Advanced lab designed with latest equipment.
  • Provide lab facilities to 24*7 and students are allowed to access the lab anytime.
  • One the best certified expert trainers or professionals having many years of real industry experience.
  • Mentors of Diploma in Data Science and AI helps in each type of project preparation, interview preparation and job placement support.
  • Giving personality development sessions including English spoken, mock interview, group discussion and presentation skills free of costs.
  • Providing free study materials, PDFs, video training, lab guides, exam preparation, sample paper and interview preparation.
  • Provide retake classes without any charges as often as you choose.
  • Helps the student to learn complex technical concepts.

APPWARS Technologies Trainer for Diploma in Data Science and AI

  • TRAINER’S are expert and professional in their field of sphere and constantly boost themselves with new tools and technology to impart the best training for the real working environment.
  • Trainees have been carefully selected by our committee and recognized over the years by various organizations for their field work.
  • Trainees have many years of experience of working in big organization or institutes.
  • Certified trainers with at least 7 years of experience in IT Industries.
  • Trainees are connected with many placement cells of various companies to give support and help to the students for their placements.




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Placement Assistance After Diploma in Data Science and AI

  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in apprehension placement assistance to the students with the help of an assigned placement cell.
  • The placement cell helps supports and assists the students during the time of placement.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES also provides best resume domicile service by helping the students to make their resume as per the latest industry trends.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES organize personality development sessions including group discussion, mock interview, and presentation skills on daily basis to help the students that they present themselves confidently.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES help the students to achieve their dream job.

APPWARS Technologies Duration for Diploma in Data Science and AI

  • Regular Classes: 5 Days a week (Morning, afternoon and Evening)
  • Weekend Classes: (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Fast Track Classes also Available
  • One to One Classes also Available
  • Corporate Training also Available
  • Live Online Classes also Available

Who can apply for the course?

BE / BTech / MCA passed aspirants to make their careers as Web Developers / Data Scientists

IT-Professionals who want to get a career as a Programming Expert

Professionals from non-IT bkg, and want to establish in IT

Candidates who would like to restart their career after a gap

Web Designers for the next level of their career.


Our Placement Process

apply for the course in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

Placements Training


Interview Q & A

Resume Preparation in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

Aptitude Test


Mock Interviews

Scheduling Interviews in APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES

Scheduling Interviews


Job Placement


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