Appwars Technologies, based in Noida, offers a specialized SAP ERP HANA course designed to equip individuals with advanced skills in SAP HANA technology. This course caters to IT professionals aiming to specialize in SAP HANA administration, development, or data analytics, as well as business professionals looking to leverage SAP HANA for strategic decision-making.


Course Overview:

  1. Introduction to SAP ERP HANA: Participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to SAP HANA, its architecture, capabilities, and its role in transforming enterprise data management and analytics.
  2. SAP HANA Installation and Configuration: Gain hands-on experience in installing and configuring SAP HANA systems, including understanding hardware prerequisites, deployment options, and system landscape considerations.
  3. Data Provisioning and Modeling: Learn to provision data into SAP HANA from various source systems using tools like SAP Data Services, SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), and Direct Extractor Connection (DXC). Explore data modeling techniques to design and optimize data models for performance.
  4. SAP HANA Administration: Understand SAP HANA administration tasks including monitoring, backup and recovery, system maintenance, user management, and security implementation. Learn to ensure high availability and performance tuning of SAP HANA systems.
  5. SAP HANA Development: Explore SAP HANA development concepts such as creating calculation views, stored procedures, and using SQL Script to perform complex data processing tasks directly in the SAP HANA database.
  6. Integration with SAP Applications: Understand how SAP HANA integrates with other SAP applications such as SAP BW/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects BI tools for advanced analytics and reporting.
  7. Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: Learn about SAP HANA’s capabilities in advanced analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning using SAP HANA native algorithms and integration with SAP Data Intelligence.
  8. SAP HANA Cloud: Explore the features and benefits of SAP HANA Cloud, including deployment options, multi-cloud support, and managing hybrid landscapes.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Hands-on Training: Practical labs and real-world scenarios ensure participants gain proficiency in SAP HANA technology and its applications.
  • Expert Trainers: Industry-experienced instructors provide guidance and insights into SAP HANA architecture, best practices, and implementation strategies.
  • Certification Preparation: The course prepares participants for SAP HANA certification exams, validating their skills and knowledge in SAP HANA administration and development.
  • Placement Assistance: Appwars Technologies offers placement support to course graduates, connecting them with job opportunities in leading organizations leveraging SAP HANA technology.

Benefits of Choosing Appwars Technologies:

  • Industry Recognition: Appwars Technologies is renowned for its quality training programs and industry relevance in SAP HANA technology.
  • Convenient Location: Situated in Noida, participants benefit from easy access to modern facilities and infrastructure conducive to learning.
  • Career Advancement: Completion of the SAP ERP HANA course enhances career prospects, equipping participants with sought-after skills in SAP HANA technology and data management.
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