Syntax and Semantics of Python programming
Python History
Versions of Python

o Simple
o Open Source
o High Level Programming
o Portable
o Object and Procedure Oriented
o Easy to Maintain

o The Input() function
o The print() function
n use of % percent operator
n use of .format()

o What is a Variable
o Assign Values to variable
o Typecasting
o Data Types in Python
n Numeric
n String
n Boolean
n Compound
n List
n Tuple
n Set
n Frozen Set
n Dictionary

o Types of Operators
n Arithmetic Operators
n Comparison Operators
n Assignment Operators
n Logical Operators
n Bitwise Operators
n Identity Operators
n Membership Operators
n Operators Associativity
n Operator Precedence
n BEDMAS n Arithmetic Operators
n Comparison Operators
n Assignment Operators
n Logical Operators
n Bitwise Operators
n Identity Operators
n Membership Operators
n Operators Associativity
n Operator Precedence

o The if Statement
o if – else statement
o The elif Statement
o Nested if-else ladder

o use of while loop
o use of for loop
o range() function
o arange() function
o The break Statement
o The continue Statement
o The pass statement

o Define a function
o calling a function
o Types of function
o Function Arguments
o Functions Parameters
o Anonymous Function
o Global and Local Variable
o lambda
o map
o reduce
o filter
o Mathematical Function
o Trigonometric Function
o Random Function

o creating strings
o difference between “” & ‘ ‘
o creating multiline comment
o basic string operations
o creating slices in strings
o String Built-in Functions
n capitalize()
n upper()
n lower()
n isalnum()
n isalpha()
n isnumeric()
n isdecimal()
n islower()
n isupper()

o Access List items
o Change List items
o Add List Items
o Remove List Items
o Loop List
o List Comprehension
o Sort List
o Copy List
o Join List
o List built-in Method
n append()
n count()
n extend()
n reverse()
n sort()

o Access Tuples
o Update Tuples
o Unpack Tuples
o Loop Tuple
o Join Tuples
o Tuple built-in Methods
n index()
n count()

o Create Sets
o Access Set items
o Add Set items
o Remove Set items
o Loop Sets
o Join Sets

o Create Dictionaries
o Access Dictionary items
o Change Dictionary items
o Add Dictionary items
o Remove Dictionary items
o Loop Dictionaries
o Copy Dictionaries
o Nested Dictionaries
o Dictionary built-in Methods
n keys()
n values()
n items()
n get()

o Date Module
o Time Module
o os Module
o The import statement
o The from… import Statement

o Read files
o Write/ Create files
o Delete files
o Rename files

o Error in Python Program
o Syntax error
o Exception
o Types of Exception
o Handling Exception in Python
o Raising Exception
o User Defined Exception

o Match function
o Search function
o Matching VS Searching
o Modifiers
o Patterns

o Introduction
o Widgets
o Basic Widgets
o Top level Widgets
o Geometry Management
o Binding Functions
o Working with Images in Tkinter

Toggle Content

o Class
o Object
o Inheritance
o Overloading
o Overriding

o Creating arrays
o Array indexing
o Array slicing
o Numpy Data Types
o Copy vs View
o Array Shape
o Array reshape
o Iterating
o Join
o Search
o Filter
o Split
o Sort

o Pandas Series
o Pandas DataFrame
o Read CSV
o Read JSON
o Cleaning Data
o Missing Value Handling
o Optimizing Data Format
o Redundancy Minimization
o The corr() function
o Plotting Graphs in pandas

● Text to Columns
● Concatenate
● Right with Concatenate
● Absolute Cell Reference
● Data Validation
● Time and Date Calculations
● Conditional Formatting
● Exploring Styles and clear formatting
● Using Conditional Formatting to hide details using the IF function
● pivot table
● pivot chart
● Slicers
● creating charts

● Introduction to Power BI
● Report Visualization and Properties
● Chart and Map Report Properties
● Hierarchies and Drilldown Reports
● Power Query & M Language
● Power BI Cloud Operations
● Improving Power BI Reports
● Insights and Subscriptions
● Power BI Integration Elements

o Introduction
o MySQL Data Types
o Creating Databases in MySQL
o Some Useful Operations on MySQL Databases
o Creating Tables in MySQL
o MYSQL Table Commands
o Using ALTER command in MySQL
o Using DROP in MySQL
o ALTER Command in MySQL
o Sample Queries in MySQL
o Constraints in MySQL
o Using INSERT command in MySQL
o Using UPDATE command in MySQL
o Using DELETE command in MySQL
o SELECT Queries in MySQL
o Using REPLACE command in MySQL
o Primary Keys in MySQL

o Updates to Notebook Zip
o Jupyter Notebooks
o Use of Google Colab

o Introduction to Seaborn
o Distribution Plots
o Categorical Plots
o Matrix Plots
o Grids
o Regression Plots
o Style and Color

o Welcome to the Data Visualization Section
o Introduction to Matplotlib
o Matplotlib Part 1
o Matplotlib Part 2
o Matplotlib Part 3

Probability distribution
Normal distribution
Poisson’s distribution
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Bayes’ theorem
Central limit theorem
Hypothesis testing
One Sample T-Test
Anova and Chi-Square

o Link for ISLR
o Supervised Learning Overview
o Evaluating Performance – Classification
o Evaluating Performance – Regression Error
o Machine Learning with Python
o Bias-Variance Trade-Off
o Overfitting and Under-fitting
o Leave-p-out Cross-Validation(LpOCV)
o Leave-One-out Cross-Validation(LOOCV)
o K-fold Cross-Validation
o Max Voting
o Averaging
o Weighted Average
o Bootstrap Aggregation(Bagging)
o Boosting

o Optimization
o Maxima and Minima
o Steps to find Maxima and minima
o Saddle point
o Cost function (Loss Function)
o Optimization Strategies
o Learning Rate and Its Importance
o Optimization Strategies-Gradient Descent
o Step to Calculate Gradient Descents
o Identifying Gradient Descents performance
o Gradient Descents for Machine Learning
o Procedure for Batch Gradient Descent
o Procedure for Stochastic Gradient Descent
o Difference Between Batch and Stochastic Gradient Descent
o Disadvantage of Gradient Descent
o Momentum
o Nesterov Accelerated Gradient
o Adaptive Gradient Procedure-Adagrad
o Advantage and Disadvantage of Adagrad
o Root Mean Squared Propagation-RMSprop
o Adaptive Moment Estimation Procedure-ADAM

o Introduction
o Modelling Process
o Data Representation
o Feature Extraction
o Estimator API
o Conventions
o Linear Modeling
o Extended Linear Modeling
o Stochastic Gradient Descent
o Support Vector Machines
o Anomaly Detection
o K-Nearest Neighbors
o KNN Learning
o Classification with Naïve Bayes
o Decision Trees
o Randomized Decision Trees
o Boosting Methods
o Clustering Methods
o Clustering Method Evaluation
o Principal Component Analysis
o Dimensionality Reduction using PCA
o Algorithms
n Linear Regression
n Logistic Regression
n Support Vector Machine
n Naïve Bayes (Gaussian)
n Decision Tree
n Random Forest
n Gradient Boosting
n Xgboost
n K- Means Clustering
n Apriori

o Whats is Machine learning
o Machine Learning Basic
o Types of Learning
o Problem Types
o Challenges Motivating Deep Learning
o Deep Learning(DL)
o History of Deep Learning
o Applications of Deep learning
o Need for Deep Learning?
o Why Deep learning is called ‘Deep’?
o Misconceptions about Deep Learning
o Deep Learning Architecture
o What is Artificial Neural Networks?
o Perceptrons
o Simple Neuron /Node
o How does it work?
o Deep Learning Neural Network
o Gradient Descent
o Non-Linear Activation Function
o What if Linear Activation Function
o Deep Auto-encoders
o Drop out
o Improving DNN Performance
o Deep Learning Libraries

o TensorFlow Usage
o Companies Using TensorFlow
o TensorFlow in Real-Time Applications
o How to install TensorFlow.?
o Getting Started With TensorFlow
o Tensors
o Tensors Properties
o TensorFlow Data Types
o Tensor Operation – Common Operation
o Constants
o Variables
o Placeholders
o Session
o Interactive Sessions
o Loss Functions
o Optimizers
o Layers
o Benefits of Estimators
o Data Flow Graphs
o Computational Graph
o Symbols and Meanings
o Symbols and Meanings
o How TensorFlow Works?
o TensorBoard
o Convolutional Neural Networks
o CNN Layers
o Convolutional Neural Networks with AI
o Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
o Recurrent Neural Network
o RNN Architecture
o Long Short Term Memory
o Long Short Term Memory Architecture

o Keras
o Advantages of Keras
o What is Tensor?
o Why Keras?
o Salient Features of Keras
o Keras vs TensorFlow: How Do They Compare?
o How to install Keras?
o Pre-Processing
o Types of Pre-Processing
o Layers in Keras
o Activation Function
o Loss Function
o Metrics
o Composing Models In Keras
o Sequential Model
o Model with Functional
o Keras with GPUs
o Keras With Multiple GPUs

● Artificial Intelligence
● An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
● History of Artificial Intelligence
● Future and Market Trends in Artificial Intelligence
● Intelligent Agents – Perceive-Reason-Act Loop
● Search and Symbolic Search
● Constraint-based Reasoning
● Simple Adversarial Search (Game-Playing)
● Neural Networks and Perceptrons
● Understanding Feedforward Networks
● Exploring Backpropagation

● Deep Networks/Deep Learning
● Knowledge-based Reasoning
● First-order Logic and Theorem
● Rules and Rule-based Reasoning
● Studying Blackboard Systems
● Structured Knowledge: Frames, Cyc, Conceptual Dependency
● Description Logic
● Reasoning with Uncertainty
● Probability & Certainty-Factors
● What are Bayesian Networks?
● Studying Neural Elements
● Convolutional Networks
● Recurrent Networks
● Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks

● Natural Language Processing
● Natural Language Processing in Python
● Natural Language Processing in R
● Studying Deep Learning
● Artificial Neural Networks
● ANN Intuition
● Plan of Attack
● Studying the Neuron
● The Activation Function
● Working of Neural Networks
● Exploring Gradient Descent
● Stochastic Gradient Descent
● Exploring Backpropagation

● Understanding Artificial Neural Network
● Building an ANN
● Building Problem Description
● Evaluation the ANN
● Improving the ANN
● Tuning the ANN
● Conventional Neural Networks
● CNN Intuition
● Convolution Operation
● ReLU Layer
● Pooling and Flattening
● Full Connection
● Softmax and Cross-Entropy
● Building a CNN
● Evaluating the CNN
● Improving the CNN
● Tuning the CNN

● Recurrent Neural Network
● RNN Intuition
● The Vanishing Gradient Problem
● LSTMs and LSTM Variations
● Practical Intuition
● Building an RNN
● Evaluating the RNN
● Improving the RNN
● Tuning the RNN

● Self-Organizing Maps
● K-Mean Clustering Technique
● SOMs Network Architecture
● Working of Self-Organizing Maps
● How Self Organizing Maps work
● Practical Implementation of SOMs

● Energy-Based Models (EBM)
● Restricted Boltzmann Machine
● Exploring Contrastive Divergence
● Deep Belief Networks
● Deep Boltzmann Machines

● AutoEncoders: An Overview
● AutoEncoders Intuition
● Plan of Attack
● Training an AutoEncoder
● Overcomplete hidden layers
● Sparse Autoencoders
● Denoising Autoencoders
● Contractive Autoencoders
● Stacked Autoencoders
● Deep Autoencoders

● Dimensionality Reduction
● Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
● PCA in Python
● Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
● LDA in Python
● Kernel PCA
● Kernel PCA in Python

● K-Fold Cross Validation in Python
● Grid Search in Python
● XGBoost
● XGBoost in Python

● Snake Game
● Simple Calculator
● Typing Speed Test
● Memory Puzzle
● Password Generator
● Currency Converter
● Countdown Clock and Timer

● Iris Flowers Classification
● Cartoonify Image
● Loan Default Prediction
● Real Estate Price Prediction
● Stock Price Prediction
● Titanic Survival Classification
● Twitter Sentiment Analysis by tweepy

● Human Face Detection
● Image Classification with CIFAR-10
● Breast Cancer Classification
● Music Genre Classification
● Chatbot using Deep Learning
● Image Caption Generation
● Coloring Old B &W Images

● Fake News Detection
● Color Detection using openCV
● Gender and Age Detection (CNN)
● Uber Data Analysis
● Credit Card Fraud Detection
● Movie Recommender System

● Lane Line Detection Project Code
● Image Classification
● Blur the Face
● Create your own emoji with Python

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    56 Hrs Project & Exercises



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    Job Assistance

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    APPWARS Technologies Trainer for Python Programming

    • TRAINER’S are expert and professional in their field of sphere and constantly boost themselves with new tools and technology to impart the best training for the real working environment.
    • Trainees have been carefully selected by our committee and recognized over the years by various organizations for their field work.
    • Trainees have many years of experience of working in big organization or institutes.
    • Certified trainers with at least 7 years of experience in IT Industries.
    • Trainees are connected with many placement cells of various companies to give support and help to the students for their placements.




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    APPWARS Technologies Duration for DATA Science

    • Regular Classes: 5 Days a week (Morning, afternoon and Evening)
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    Here are the reasons that make our program a huge hit

    Our data science course facilitates self paced learning; you get engage with the core elements and then start working on the dynamics at your own pace. We give you access to multiple data sources and e-libraries so that it becomes easy to work on the projects without seeking any help. In case, you need any guidance, the mentor will always be there to assist you. We have picked the data science course curriculum from the latest trends of the industry and only those components that hold relevance have been added to the study material.

    We will make you interact with real life data science experts so that you can gain insights about how this process works in the real time mode. Our Data Science Course in noida is touted as the best one due to one more reason; we have a strong focus on the academic support. We make you learn data science through activities and theory both so that the learning stands factually valid when you get into the job. The interdisciplinary expertise that AppWars Technologies holds stands second to none, we train you to work in a data-centric environment to ensure that the training gets applied to the industry problems later with confidence. Our Data Science Training Institute in Noida empowers you to succeed and become an expert data scientist!

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    BE / BTech / MCA passed aspirants to make their careers as Web Developers / Data Scientists

    IT-Professionals who want to get a career as a Programming Expert

    Professionals from non-IT bkg, and want to establish in IT

    Candidates who would like to restart their career after a gap

    Web Designers for the next level of their career.


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