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Searching for the top Data Science training institute in Noida? Appwars Technologies Pvt Ltd. Comes up with the experts and here you can learn important aspects of Data Science. We are here to help you explore your dream job and you can achieve a great career. We are always here to give your life a new start and you can now get rid of all the worries. Once you join our course you can learn why we are recognized as a leading institute in Noida. We ensure that you would become a certified Data Science expert and it gives you the confidence to go ahead.

Time to Find Flexible Schedules :

Here, you can get familiar with the flexible schedules and you can choose the suitable one. Hence, you can join the program and you can now explore life in a new way. Our course comes up with both theoretical and practical sessions and we ensure that you would gain proper knowledge, which you can implement in the industry.

Time to Apply for Data Science Jobs :

Once you complete the course successfully you would become a certified Data Science expert. It gives you the opportunity to apply for the perfect jobs and thus you can now comprehend the importance of our Data Science course. We pay attention to all our students and you would regain self-confidence knowing that you are in the right place. We help you to explore better job opportunities and you can thus get rid of all confusions.

Join Data Science Training in Noida :

Now, you can easily join Data Science training in Noida and we are here to take care of all your needs. Our experts are well-aware of the technology and you can trust us. We are here to help the participants in real-time and you can now comprehend the benefits of joining our course. Our course includes data visualization, data manipulation, predictive analytics, machine learning etc. and it becomes easy to learn the important aspects of Data Science.

Get in Touch With Us :

We welcome all the participants and it’s time to get in touch with us. Once you contact us, we would reveal all the details of our Data Science course and we are always here to clarify your doubts. It gives you the poise to join the course knowing that you would come up as an expert. Thus, you can now learn how our Data Science course brings in the positive aspects.

Anytime you can get in touch with us you would help you to explore a new world of technology. WE offer Data Science certification training and you can join the course successfully. We help you to improve your skills and you can comprehend why to join our course.

Our Data Science Course In Noida Is Not Meant For Students Alone- Employers Can Train Their Teams To Use Data Better With It Too! Taking data related decisions on daily basis is tricky but is an integral part of many jobs and this is one crucial area where our Data Science Course in noida comes into the picture. We will make your team master the art of treating data as a vital business asset and reach out to the decisions that will have the firm gain strength and profitability in the longer run. Data science is all about thinking creatively when it comes to accessing and processing data and this is what holds the base to our Data Science Training in Noida. We will make your team think conceptually putting data as the centric element reaching out to the most intelligent business decisions. Whether it is about improving overall data quality or learning how to treat data strategically, we have the best course in the offering! AppWars Technologies Has The Expertise To Offer You The Best Data Science Training In Noida For anyone who wishes to build an instructive career in the field of data science, our Data Science Course in noida stands as the best choice as it covers it all. We have carefully crafted the course blending all integral components that stand functional today and tomorrow. Whether it is about statistics, big data, or machine learning, we will teach you how to use the core dynamics of data science in all these areas and solve data related problems effectually. Our Data Science training in noida is going to empower you and make you confident in the field of data science; here are the reasons that make our program a huge hit: Our data science course facilitates self paced learning; you get engage with the core elements and then start working on the dynamics at your own pace. We give you access to multiple data sources and e-libraries so that it becomes easy to work on the projects without seeking any help. In case, you need any guidance, the mentor will always be there to assist you. We have picked the data science course curriculum from the latest trends of the industry and only those components that hold relevance have been added to the study material. We will make you interact with real life data science experts so that you can gain insights about how this process works in the real time mode. Our Data Science Course in noida is touted as the best one due to one more reason; we have a strong focus on the academic support. We make you learn data science through activities and theory both so that the learning stands factually valid when you get into the job. The interdisciplinary expertise that AppWars Technologies holds stands second to none, we train you to work in a data-centric environment to ensure that the training gets applied to the industry problems later with confidence. Our Data Science Training Institute in Noida empowers you to succeed and become an expert data scientist!




  • DATA SCIENCE Training in Noida is conception as per the IT management standards.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES offers the best DATA SCIENCE Training and devoted employment service in Noida with proper planned training courses.
  • Regular and weekend classes and assignments after each class are provided for DATA SCIENCE Training in Noida.
  • Advanced lab designed with latest equipment.
  • Provide lab facilities to 24*7 and students are allowed to access the lab anytime.
  • One the best certified expert trainers or professionals having many years of real industry experience.
  • Mentors of DATA SCIENCE Training in Noida helps in each type of project preparation, interview preparation and job placement support.
  • Giving personality development sessions including English spoken, mock interview, group discussion and presentation skills free of costs.
  • Providing free study materials, PDFs, video training, lab guides, exam preparation, sample paper and interview preparation.
  • Provide retake classes without any charges as often as you choose.
  • Helps the student to learn complex technical concepts.




  • TRAINER’S are expert and professional in their field of sphere and constantly boost themselves with new tools and technology to impart the best training for the real working environment.
  • Trainees have been carefully selected by our committee and recognized over the years by various organizations for their field work.
  • Trainees have many years of experience of working in big organization or institutes.
  • Certified trainers with at least 7 years of experience in IT Industries.
  • Trainees are connected with many placement cells of various companies to give support and help to the students for their placements.




  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in apprehension placement assistance to the students with the help of an assigned placement cell.
  • The placement cell helps supports and assists the students during the time of placement.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES also provides best resume domicile service by helping the students to make their resume as per the latest industry trends.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES organize personality development sessions including group discussion, mock interview, and presentation skills on daily basis to help the students that they present themselves confidently.
  • APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES help the students to achieve their dream job.




  • Regular Classes: 5 Days a week (Morning, afternoon and Evening)
  • Weekend Classes: (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Fast Track Classes also Available
  • One to One Classes also Available
  • Corporate Training also Available
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Topics for this course

83 Lessons150h

Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to the Course
Course Help and Welcome
Course FAQs

Environment Set-Up

Jupyter Overview

Python Crash Course

Python for Data Analysis – NumPy

Python for Data Analysis – Pandas

Python for Data Analysis – Pandas Exercises

Python for Data Visualization – Matplotib

Python for Data Visualization – Seaborn

Python for Data Visualization – Pandas Built-in

Python for Data Visualization – Plotly and Cufflinks

Python for Data Visualization – Geographical Plotting

Data Capstone Project

Introduction to Machine Learning

Linear Regression

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APPWARS TECHNOLOGIES is the best training Institute I’ve come across. It surely has efficient training courses majoring in numerous fields such as Data Science , Web Development, Programming languages, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and much more. Students should definitely join APPWARS technologies.



  • No coding experience is necessary to take this course! I take you from beginner to expert!
  • Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux. We will set up your text editor the course.

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